On December 16, 2018, the joint dance recital of the Star Way Dance Academy and J&H Dance School was successfully held at the Stafford Center in Sugar Land, Houston. Located in the Sugar City area of Houston, the Star Way Dance Academy has grown rapidly in the southwestern Houston in recent years and it obtains good reputation through parents. J&H Dance School has a 21-year history since its inception in 1997 and is the most influential and fastest-growing dance school in the Houston area. This is the first time that two outstanding dance schools in Houston have jointly organized dance recital. The theme of this year’s party is the Silk Road Dream, divided into two sessions in the afternoon and evening. The show is full of amazing and beautiful dances, including nearly 40 fantastic dance performances which are children’s dance, ballet, Chinese folk dance, Latin, jazz, K-pop and Hip hop.

(Following photos are photographed by Yao Li,Tracy Feng and Keke)

Tibetan dance-Happy Tibetan kids  

The large-scale parent-child dance “a big home”, the parents and the children participated together. The concept of “home” was expressed in the form of dance, which aroused the audience’s great emotion.

Ballet-Four seasons and Mazurka

The classical Chinese dance “Moon” is full of Chinese classical charm, bringing a poetic mood, and fully interpreting classical poetry.

The Uyghur dance-spinning showcases the difficult features of rotation in Uighur dances.

The jazz dance “big eyes” and street dance are really beautiful and energetic, which makes the atmosphere of the audience immediatelly high.

Chinese dance- Girls with fans

The Mongolian dance “Happy Songs over Grassland” songs brought the audience to the beautiful Mongolian grasslands. This dance performance won the first place in the StarQuest 2018 World Finals in June this year.

The beautiful performance of the adult Latin class made everyone feel the passionate Latin style.

Street dance 

Children’s Yao Dance – “Rainbow clouds in Yao Mountain” brings a colorful Yao national style.

The recital was wonderful and entertaining. In just a few hours, everyone enjoyed the dance of different styles in the East and the West. Everyone can’t wait to look forward to the next year’s dance show and expect there will be new and exciting performances.

Star Way Dance Academy keeps committed to the statement “everythingdone is for our kids”. The mission of our dance academy is to use professionalteaching and sincere love to cultivate the dance talent; popularize and enhancethe dance art quality. Currently, Star Way Dance Academy provides Ballet,Chinese dance, Latin dance, childhood beginner class, adult dance, KPop and HipHop.  Our danceschool actively participate in all kinds of events in our local community.  Star way dance academy strives hard to meeteveryone’s artistic pursuit and art education needs through its professionaldance classroom and professional faculty team.

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